Masakatsu Kondo

1962 Born Nagoya Japan
1989-93 The Slade School of Fine Art, London
Lives and works in London

Solo Exhibition

1996 Dec. Between the Parallel (Kohji Ogura Gallery, Nagoya Japan)
1999 Jul. -est (Kohji Ogura Gallery, Nagoya Japan)
2000 Dec. New Paintings (David Risley Zwemmer Gallery, London)
2001 May. Landscape Paintings 1997 – 2001 (Turnpike Gallery, Leigh Greater Manchester)
Sep. New Paintings (Taro Nasu Gallery, Tokyo)
2002 Jul. Masakatsu Kondo (Mid Pennine Gallery, Burnley)
2003 Jul. Botany – new paintings (David Risley Gallery, London)
2005 May. Neo-Landscape (Alpha M Project, Tokyo)
2007 Oct. Bridge (David Risley Gallery, London)
2012 May. Whenever I Am Silent (All Visual Arts, London)
2021 Aug. Stillness (Super Gallery – MAT, Nagoya)
2021 Sep. Element (The Club /Ginza Six, Tokyo)


Group Exhibition

1993 Oct. Annihilation (Victoria Miro Gallery, London)
Oct. Young Contemporaries (The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester)
1994 Nov. Painting Group Show (Victoria Miro Gallery, London)
1995 Jul. British Artists, LA Biennial (Shoshana Wayne Gallery, California)
Dec. 7th Mostyn Open (Oriel Mostyn, North Wales)
1996 Jul. The Open (Whitechapel Art Gallery, London)
1997 Jul. East International (Norwich Gallery, Norwich)
Nov. John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20 (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool)
1998 Jun. Expanded View -Touring Exhibition (Ikon Gallery, Birmingham)
Nov. Masakatsu Kondo + Glenys Johnson (Wigmore Fine Art, London)
1999 Apr. Mountain (Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton)
Sep. John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 21 (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool)
2000 May. In Your Dreams (fa1 Contemporary art, London)
Jun. Prime (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo)
2001 Apr. Mind the Gap (Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm)
Nov. New Space (Oriel Mostyn, North Wales)
Nov. Surface (Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam)
2002 Jan. Japan Four (Pump House Gallery, London)
Feb. New Space (Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea)
Mar. Love (David Risley 14 Wharf Rd, London)
Sep. Art + Mountains – conquistadors of the useless (The Alpine Club, London)
2003 Jan. Picturesque (Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle)
Mar. The Nearest Faraway Place (The Nunnery, London)
2004 Feb. Blow Up (St.Pauls Gallery, Birmingham)
May. Le Petit Paysage (Comme Ca, Manchester)
2005 Dec. Accidental Death (David Risley Gallery, London)
2006 Jul. Scarecrow (Evangelos Averoff Museum, Metsovo Greece)
Sep. Nature in the Dream (Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi)
2007 Jan. Design Fro Living (Flank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton)
Jun. Past, Present and Future (Slade School of Fine Art, London)
2008 Oct. Twenty (Dazed and Confused, London)
Nov. Landslide (I-MYU Projects, London)
2009 Jan. Hanging In The Balance: (Pippy Houldsworth, London)
Apr. Inspired (Mitchell Library, Glasgow)
Nov. Landscape/projection, reflection (City Gallery, Nagoya)
2010 Jul. Layers-John Moores Painting Prize Show (Seongnam Art Center, Seoul)
2013 Jun. Beatiful~Things (Next Door Project, Liverpool)
Nov. Savage and Tender (The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Ayr Scotland)
2014 May. As Ithers See Us (The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Ayr Scotland)
2016 Jan. On the Threshold II (The Oriental Museum, Durham University, Durham)
2018 Jun. Painters (Nakata Art Museum, Onomich)
2022 Jan. Horizon Dreams of Color (Lightwell, Taipei City)
Jul. The Way (IAM Contemporary Art, Valletta, Malta)
Nov. Streaming Heritage 2022 ( Ito Historic Residence, Nagoya)



James Moores Collection, London
Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Japan
Zabludowicz Collection, London
Frank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton
Didier Casimiro, Kiev



1990 The Wilson Steel Memorial Medal (The University College London)
1993 Granada foundation Prize (The Whithworth Art Gallery)
1997 John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20 -2nd prize (Walker Art Gallery)