Element, The Club, Ginza Six, Tokyo
Element, The Club, Ginza Six, Tokyo

ELEMENT/ Masakatsu Kondo 

近藤正勝: エレメント

会期: 2021年9月4日(土)­10月9日(土)

会場: THE CLUB [GINZA SIX 6F 銀座 蔦屋書店]

営業時間: 火曜日- 土曜日 12:00 – 19:00



現代社会では、コンピュータの進化/AIやインターネットなどが新たな環境として人の生活を急変させています。それは価値のあるグローバルな文化をも形勢すると同時に、その代償として多くの社会的な問題も抱え込むことになっているのではないでしょうか? だからこそ我々の原点を示す基礎的なエレメントである自然の中に大切なものを探し行きたいと思うのです。

The production of my paintings is mainly a process of artificially interpreting the natural world. The memories of hundreds of millions of years dormant in the universe and nature are shown to us by mathematics, by chemistry, by philosophy, and by art. Nature is the fundamental environment for us; it exists as an absolute subject forming the keystone of our thoughts.

These recent works were painted with landscapes as the medium, and the idea of depicting the light cast upon them. If one breaks down light to its molecular level it is possible to depict, for example, the light (molecules) glittering on the water’s surface as abstract spectra. This leads to an interpretation that is scientific and simultaneously abstract. Moreover, it links in with the primitive memory of my experiences in the midst of nature during my childhood. And the experiences I accumulated over the days and the all-pervasive information around me is verbalized, becomes abstract, and is then once more revealed through the substance of paintings.

In contemporary society the daily lives of people is being dramatically changed by the new environment arising from the evolution of computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet and so on. While this is on one hand creating a valuable global culture, are we not also paying the price of having to bear many social problems? It is with this in mind that I intend to pursue my search for the importance inherent in nature, the fundamental element showing us our starting point.